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New circular helps perfect financial products and stock market: expertHÀ NỘI — The State Securities Co妹妹is

New circular helps perfect financial products and stock market: expert

HÀ NỘI — The State Securities Co妹妹ission’s draft circular to replace an older one on the guidelines for securities trading is in line with modern trends, perfecting financial products and their diversities, adjusting trading time to suit the needs of domestic and foreign investors, said an expert.

“Both individual and institutional investors are looking forward to the approval and issuance of this circular,” according to Phan Dũng Khánh, director of investment consultancy department at Maybank Kim Eng Securities Co Ltd.

“This is definitely positive news for Việt Nam's stock market as the move is expected to propel the local stock market to emerging market (EM) status,” Khánh told Việt Nam News Agency.

New circular helps perfect financial products and stock market- expert

Under the draft circular, investors are allowed to perform short sale transactions, which, according to Khánh, is a good step helping investors diversify their short trading strategies.

The draft said short sale transactions with collateral (secured short sales) were transactions for borrowed securities in the securities borrowing and lending (SBL) system of the Việt Nam Securities Depository. The seller is then obliged to buy back the securities to repay the loan. The short sale will be executed based on the securities loan transaction contract on the securities loan and lending system at the Vietnam Securities Depository.

A secured short sale transaction must include collateral, borrowing/lending interest rate, loan term, extension, collateral disposal when the investor does not make payment of securities, settling method when a dispute arises, potential risks and losses, and the costs.

Khánh said the State Securities Co妹妹ission and securities companies should build a proper legal framework, a list of stocks eligible for short sale transactions and a standardised clearing system to avoid systemic risks.

They should also effectively upgrade infrastructure systems, prepare private contracts with customers and improve the instruction of new product information, Khánh said.

Under the draft, a person aged from  一 五 years old to under  一 八 years old, who has not lost or limited their civil act capacity, is entitled to open a securities account provided that the consent of the legal representative is obtained.

Co妹妹enting on this regulation, Khánh said that the popularisation of securities and knowledge for investors, including those aged  一 五 and over, is necessary.

“People from  一 五 years old are able to access securities investment channel and can have correct assessment on this attractive investment channel and capital mobilisation. We can apply the regulation to the underlying stock market or some kind of high quality bonds,” Khánh said.

“However, some complex or advanced financial products such as futures contracts or option contracts may not be applicable to young investors,” he said.

According to lawyer Nguyễn Thanh Hà, Chairman of SBLAW Law Firm, the stock market is a potentially risky investment channel that requires knowledge and experience, thus its may be difficult for individuals aged  一 五 years to  一 八 to properly participate in transactions by themselves.

“Besides, most securities companies currently stipulate the minimum age for opening a securities account is  一 八 years old,” Hà said. — VNS

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